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14KY Citrine Davinchi Cut Pendant

Sales price: $1,175.00
Sales price without tax: $1,175.00
Sales price: $1,175.00

Designer of Galatea explains the inspiration behind this inovative design:

"When I was in high school sitting in the library reading the notebooks of of Leonardo Da Vinci, I came across a quote I will always remember. He said, "Be a mirror, absorb everything around you and still remain the same." As an artist, I believe in and can relate to this philosophy, I learn as much as I can about the environment around me but still remain original, honest and true to my existence. Today, I have created a new cut for gemstones called the "Davinchi Cut" which has the ability to absorb colors, light or images into the gem. This magical illusion makes the gem change colors in different angles and points of view. There is a wonderful depth of field within the gem, I find it is difficult to fix my eyes on one focus point. This is why the stone has the sense of liveliness, a constant changing in color and texture. I hope you will enjoy this gem. Allow yourself to absorb all things around yet still remain the way you are. The "Davinchi Cut" is also available in diamond which makes a white diamond change into red, yellow, green, blue or any color in the spectrum or a mixture of multiple colors without altering its natural composition."


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